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Ana Lončar

Ceramics Art

"I place special emphasis on organic forms...raw surfaces, original colours, without unnecessary decorations..."


In 2004 I graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Split, majoring in painting, and in 2011 I received my master's degree from the Academy of Arts in Split, majoring in sculpture.


I participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Croatia and abroad.

I am currently working on developing my own brand in artistic ceramics. So far my works have found their home in various countries, including Japan, America and almost all European countries. 

I am experimenting with two different techniques in the field of ceramics. Raku pottery is an ancient Japanese technique from the 16th century. According to the traditional Japanese procedure, the baked piece of raku is removed from the hot oven and left to cool outdoors. The Raku pottery marked an important point in the historical development of Japanese pottery, as it was the first pottery to have a stamp.

My classic utility pottery, stoneware, is baked at extremely high temperatures up to 1220 degrees Celsius. Such pottery and vases began to be made in the 18th century in England. Also, these ceramics go through three firing processes which gives an additional effect with gilding.

In the pop-up shop, visitors will have the opportunity to see the products, touch them and experience their aesthetics. Raku ceramics draws particular attention, since it has a long history and is extremely demanding to make.


Real-gilded ceramics add value to my products. I place special emphasis on organic forms during production, presentation and use. My items have raw surfaces, original colours, without unnecessary decorations. I present handicrafts, devoid of industrial production.


Join Ana's course starting on 23rd of April:


10-19h Beginner's Ceramics Course

This is a four-week course led by the academic sculptor and ceramist Ana Lončar. Each week she will demonstrate how to make a particular form, such as a bowl, mug, vase and plant pot. She will introduce techniques for decorating the surface, including painting with underglazes, slip trailing, sgraffito, mishima and image transfer. Participants are free to make and decorate as many pieces as they wish. Finished pieces will be fired and glazed in her studio. Each week, in addition to the practical work, the participants will gain theoretical knowledge about the types of clay and the specifics of its use, as well as about fine arts in general.


The courses take place on Saturdays and last four weeks, starting 23rd of April. Each course lasts for 3h, from 16h to 19h. The number of participants is limited. The price for the full course is 600 kn. All material is included. More details about the course HERE.

Reservation is required at or whatsapp: +385 91 547 5811 (Marina).

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