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FANTEA macrame

"Creating the products that stand out...following the principles of slow fashion"


My name is Mateja Fanuko and I am the one behind the Fantea brand. I make macrame decorations in various forms: wall decorations, flower holders, macrame leaves, curtains, tablecloths, rainbows, baskets, jewellery, photo backgrounds and photo props….

I primarily decided to start knitting and create a small macrame brand because I realised how happy that makes me. I realised that my products stand out, that they are not standard, and that they differ from others on the market. All of my designs are original and unique creations.

My macrame is found in many homes around the world. I also often make custom designs, and I am very happy to teach others how to knit by organizing macrame workshops. You can find more about me and the online shop here.


The product that you will have the opportunity to get in Prostor are a 100% hand made knitted macrame plant holders.


All sizes of plant pots are suitable for the holders as they are very easily adaptable to different dimensions. The plant holders are created following the principles of slow fashion, and are woven with recycled cotton completely by hand.

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