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CREATIVE-EDUCATIONAL SHOP. A small shop with big stories.

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One of our goals is to use Prostor for the purpose of promoting small businesses, and offer curated selection of products that are the result of artistic and scientific research, the work of creative individuals or small teams from Croatia and beyond, which are not necessarily available or sufficiently represented in the local market. We do this through our pop-up shop throughout the year. 


We choose products because of their educational character, influence on personal development, originality, production process, positive impact on people, the environment and society as a whole. Each product has its story that you can discover in the shop or on our website and find out more about who is behind it.


​What makes this shop special? We want to give you the opportunity to try the product before buying and to test its quality through workshops, demonstrations and direct interaction with creators and/or distributors at specific times, while the pop-up shop is open.


​In addition to supporting small producers by purchasing these products, you also contribute to the sustainability and development of the creative hub because we reinvest our part of the revenue (30% of sales) in the maintenance of Prostor and educational and creative activities within it.


In the second edition of the shop starting in April 2022, we decided to invest those 30% in the CHC Fund to support hosting and integration of artists from Ukraine who might already be in Croatia and are considering coming to Split.


We launched the special third edition on our first birthday, in July 2022, focused only on graphic art, prints and posters. The fourth edition started in January 2023 with the topic of environment and wellbeing.

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