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2. 7. - 22. 12. 2022.


The third edition of the pop-up shop in Prostor was launched on the occasion of our first birthday, in July 2022. This time it is exclusively about prints, graphics and posters by mostly local, but also other artists from Croatia. The idea behind this edition is to promote their work, but also to provide our audience with artistic works at more affordable prices. By purchasing prints, you support the creative hub and participating artists. On the images below, you can see just some of the artworks available in Prostor.

We will continuously update the shop, and all interested artists can contact us at to express their interest in joining the pop-up shop. The third edition will last at least until the end of the year.


Apolonija Lučić expresses herself through the medium of drawings, illustrations, comics and art books. In her work, she often starts from personal thoughts or different events, which she combines with fiction, thus trying to create visual stories (figurative or abstract).

In Prostor, her riso prints in A3 format are available. Some of them were created as an experiment to understand how riso print works and what the possibilities of the technique are. 

In addition to A3 prints, she is also presenting two fanzines - How to Become an Irresponsible Artist from 2019 and the new zine Ups and Downs from 2022. 

For Petra Lizde, since childhood, visual language has been her means of communication. Drawing and painting became a part of her everyday life, continuing to do so in the coming periods of her life. She graduated from the Department of Painting in 2017 at the Academy of Arts in Split and participated in group and solo exhibitions.

Her illustrations are scenes from everyday life, which become a sort of an art diary. The works can thus be viewed separately, but they are also designed to function as one large series. She chooses artistically challenging motifs, from various city views, flora and fauna to human figures in everyday activities. Using artistic elements; composition, texture and light and shadow, she builds a certain atmosphere that she wants to transmit to the viewer. 



Ivana Filip is Croatia-based artist, activist and researcher. Her practice grows from visual art and stretches through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work, across performance, live work, video, photography and mixed media. 

In the shop, you can find Ivana's drawings. The very idea of drawings comes from an everyday practice, occupation, even a form of meditation which she started doing during the pandemic. Generating work in this way during lockdowns and with all the restrictions that came along, meant that every departure from it was a relief, and such liberation came in the form of walks that most often led to the sea. It is in the deep sea, that Ivana finds motifs for her drawings, sea creatures in fascinating forms that enchant her, which she carefully studies and then changes, taking the much-needed deviation from the rational.

Alma Čače is a contemporary artist, currently living and working in Split. She defines her art as abstract expressionism.

The works available in the shop were created during 2021 and 2022 as part of the Metabolism series. The special feature of these paintings is that they are created by recycling parts of paper that the artist previously painted and used in some way.


She plays with the compositions that resemble coastal areas where the sea and the land meet. The coastal area inspires her because of the rich structure that gives her the freedom in the artistic sense, cultivating an expressionistic approach. She also uses tools (made by herself) from driftwood, bamboo, dry twigs or grass....She is interested in the traces left by different forms of "natural brushes"


Andrea Resner participated in the second edition of the pop-up shop and her artworks remain available in the third edition. Through her work, she explores the topics of femininity and everything that experience brings, from gifts to trauma. By intuitively diving into the worlds of dreams and mythology, she draws symbolic depictions of the inner landscapes of women.


In the shop, two of her graphics are available: Hairmagic” (2021. - screen print, 50x70cm) created in a series of drawings inspired by hair and the magical powers hidden in it, and the graphic “Moon Atlantis” (2017. - digital print, 70x50cm) created in a series of digital collages that evoked oneiric aspects of the animal world.


Ignacio Rivas already participated in the second edition of the pop-up shop with his collages, that will now remain in the third edition too. He is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Zagreb.


Since 2013 he has been working with the collage technique, developing a very personal style, experimenting and complementing it with other techniques such as painting, sewing, among others. He considers himself myself a collector of vintage images which enables him to create unique compositions, visual stories and universes. 


Camille is a French graphic designer and illustrator based in Makarska, Croatia. After graduating from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Nancy in 2014, she created her company: Studio Billie. She offers her services in the fields of graphic design and illustration.

She also works for galleries or concept stores to develop limited edition illustration collections. Her universe is graphic and very colourful. She likes mixing styles and testing mixed techniques.  Her style is contemporary, but influenced by the aesthetics of the 60's and 70's. 
She has an "artisanal" approach to drawing and graphics. Even if vector drawing is very complete and offers her many possibilities, she likes to experiment with classic media and keep a link with artisanal printing techniques, such as linocut or letterpress.

Tina was born in Split where she obtained her Bachelor's degree from the Arts Academy, in 2020., Visual Design department.  That same year, she receive the special acknowledgement of the Croatian Design Society at the Biennial exhibition of Croatian Design 19/20 in the students' category.


She also works with analogue photography, graphic design of publications and books. She is currently pursuing her studies at the Arts Academy in Split, at the Tipology department. 

In the pop-up shop, you can find the posters - the visual identity of the traditional cultural event Split Summer, in which, characteristically, the urban space becomes a living stage. The work consists of three posters for three events – drama, opera and ballet – which took place as part of the program. The origin of the concept comes from certain “centers of attention” – moments of communication between the work of art and the audience, in the sense in which the story, the narrative, directs our attention in a certain direction.


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