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Pukaca paper toys

"In a modern world dominated by digital technologies and innovations, Pukaca brings us back to basics and creative work with our hands"


Our Piknika was created two years ago, and the name actually consists of two words, Pik and Nika, who are actually two characters, two of our mascots who talk not only about food and places to enjoy it, but also about how to behave in the nature and how to be socially responsible with the things used during a picnic. The Piknika team consists of two friends Ana Gašparović and Aleksandra Kuratko Pani.


We came up with the idea of a picnic when, going to lunch with family and friends, we were often confronted with the fact that children need to be entertained in addition to food, and thought that it would be good to have take out meals and explore the surroundings. This is exactly what we offer to our numerous clients every day in a sophisticated form, together with healthy food from home-made ingredients. We bring together local farms, promote local specialties, juices and indigenous wine varieties. Caring for the environment is extremely important to us, therefore all packaging is biodegradable, so that after a picnic in nature we leave only our footprints.

Cooperation with the Pukaca brand came naturally in this context because in their production they also strive to take care of the environment, and at the same time provide opportunities for creative development and the development of motor skills. Behind the Pukaca design studio from Portugal is the creative duo Nuno Dias and Isabela Vaz. The studio was founded in 2005 with the aim to enable children to practice dexterity, patience, fine motor skills and other creative skills while playing with paper toys. The design studio collaborates with a number of renowned international organizations and has designed and produced numerous paper toys with motifs of endangered animal species, architecture and others. They are currently available in 15 countries; including Australia, USA, Canada and 12 European countries, and from 2020 they are also available in Croatia.

In a modern world dominated by digital technologies and innovations, Pukaca paper toys bring us back to basics and creative work with our hands. Neither Pukaca toys nor their packaging contain plastic, they are exclusively made of 100% recycled paper. In this way, the brand is developing the collective awareness of caring for the environment. By choosing these creative sets, we encourage children from the early age to behave responsibly towards nature, without depriving them of opportunities for creative expression and development of motor skills.


Although paper-based, the toys are interactive and divided into several levels of difficulty. In addition, various categories of paper toys are adapted to different ages of children. The wide range of motifs, allows the choice from finger figurines, paper theaters, creative sets, animals or vehicles. With each set of Pukaca paper toys, children can invent interesting stories and develop their imagination, while with sets of paper toys that include motifs of classic fairy tales, they can retell already known classics in their own way. Pukaca paper toys can be used in working with a group of children, as well as in individual play indoors or outdoors. Many children have turned Pukaca paper toys into beautiful decorations for their own rooms.


Meet Piknika on 11th of December:


Constructing paper toys - creative workshops

We want to provide the opportunity for your children to try out our toys. For this purpose, we are organizing creative workshops for making paper toys, on Saturday, December 11, in three time slots, lasting 2 hours:

14:00-16:00h, 17:00–19:00h

The workshops are intended for children from 7 to 10 years of age. The number of participants in each workshop is limited to a maximum of 9 children. Donations for participation, in free amount are welcome.

Reservation is required at or whatsapp: +385 91 547 5811 (Marina).

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