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Spaces of Tolerance: illustrations

7th - 18th of August 2023

As part of the "Spaces of Tolerance" (SPOT) project, through an open call for illustrators, we collected numerous visual proposals that depict the society in which we live or in which we would like to live. We would like to thank everyone who sent their illustrations and shared their honest stories with us.

The three awarded illustrations are:

  • Ivana Castellano, "Let me blossom"

  • Nastja Kljajić, "Love House"

  • Filip Vrcić, "Tolerate THIS"

The exhibition of 20 illustrations that received the most points from the project partners (CHC, Queeranarchive & Jutro) was on view in Prostor, every working day from 10 am to 7 pm, until August 18. With this exhibition, we wanted to raise awareness of the importance of understanding "others", accepting diversity and creating a positive and inclusive society for future generations.


The SPOT project is supported by the Minority Rights Group Europe and PILnet, within the MARIO project funded by the European Union: Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Program (2021-2027).

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