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Roxana Jamett

Vivero Plants

“Indoor plants don't just look good, they can make us feel good, too.”


I have been living in Croatia for seven years and when I arrived I decided to transform my house into a small jungle. I started with “easy” plants since I did not know much about them.


Little by little I began learning and taking courses on keeping my plants alive and understanding how to take care of them. After several years I started to propagate some of my plants to gift them to my friends.

People received the plants with such joy and a nice smile on their faces. At that moment I began to think about how I could sell my plants with the main aim to bring nature into people's homes.


During the pandemic I started creating my website including the online shop and social media accounts.

All plants are chosen with the utmost care having all my customers in mind. I wish to offer plants that are unique and that differ from what you can usually find at the local market. I'm always open for feedback from my plant community, which helps me to create and improve my selection of plants. In addition, it is a way to get engaged and to share tips and tricks about plants. 

I believe the plants are the perfect gift, because having something green at home or at your workplace is positively affecting your mood. Indoor plants don't just look good, they can make us feel good, too.


Meet Roxana on 27th of November & 19th of December:


17-18h How not to kill the plants? Tips & Tricks

During this event I will be talking about my favourite plants and plants in general with the aim to offer the participants some advice on how to take good care of them (suitable light conditions, amounts of water needed, etc), basically how not to kill them. It is an informal event where I will be showing some pictures and videos to showcase good practices and make sure you leave with new useful insights about plants. The estimated duration is 1h and I will be available to answer all your questions. 


The maximum number of participants is 15 and a donation in free amount is welcome.

Reservation is required at or whatsapp: +385 91 547 5811 (Marina).

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