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Continuous Audio-Visual Upskilling Among Cultural Operators

Erasmus+ Project, 09/2020 – 09/2023
KA204 – Strategic partnerships for adult education

In partnership with:

  • Event Production Ltd (BULGARIA)

  • National Palace of Culture (BULGARIA)

  • Level H Ltd (BULGARIA)

  • Innovation Frontiers (GREECE)

  • Asociatia Scoala Inovatiei (ROMANIA)

  • Association for Arts and Audio-Visual Production KODA MODRO (SLOVENIA)


The EU’s goal of reaching 15% adult participation in learning by 2020 is far from being attained. In some countries the adult participation rate in learning is as low as 1.5%. According to Eurostat estimates based on the Adult Education Survey, employers are among the most common providers of non-formal education and training – more than 80% of the training provision.


The general objective of the project is to upgrade audio-visual and technical skills of adults through development of educational resources in an online Open Educational Platform for the needs of the cultural sector.

Project specific objectives are:

1) enhancing coherence of knowledge and expertise in adult learning, through integration of existing training practices;
2) improving the access to high quality digital learning materials in the field of audio-visual and cultural sector, through ICT;
3) supporting the European cultural and creative sector for using the non-formal and informal adult learning, through providing interactive digital e-learning platform.

CHC is supporting the development of the Platform by providing content and translations of the materials. 

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