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The residency within the creative hub Prostor is aimed at artists and cultural professionals working in the field of contemporary art. We especially encourage participatory, research- and process-based practices. 

Residency area is an integral part of Prostor. It consists of:

  • private room (14m2), with access to the common kitchen, living room and bathroom

  • use of the open studio (25m2), with access to basic tools and library

  • use of co-working area and exhibition space

Apart from the above facilities, the resident gets the opportunities for:

  • networking and connecting with the local community and the artistic scene

  • curatorial support

  • presentation and promotion of your work (possible formats: exhibition, talk, workshop, open studio, or hybrid formats)


We accept applications on a rolling basis. In 2023, we invite artists to respond to the topics of: 

​Spaces of Empowerment

Spaces of Play

Spaces of Sustainability

Prostor is an independent, non-profit creative hub. All contributions for the residency are used for the maintenance of the space and its programmes. For specific information on suggested financial contributions please contact us at

We also encourage you to apply for specific calls for funded residencies. Selected candidates are issued a letter of support for individual grant-seeking. If you need assistance in finding those opportunities feel free to contact us. In the upcoming period we will be publishing open calls on this website as well. 

(Topics: Inhabiting space / Rituals / Craft as a Form of Resilience): 

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