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Creative hub Prostor offers a cosy space for individual or group work (open-space style). An integral part of the workspace is also the mezzanine office area suitable for more private work or small meetings.


We accept short-term users.


Coworking rates:

10 eur / day

40 eur / week

90 eur / month

* 60 eur / a 10 day pass (within the same month)


The space is also available to members (cultural and creative sector).

We are happy to announce that we are merging our existing coworking in PROSTOR with the recently opened event space T29

What does it mean? Two spaces, 4 minutes walk distance, same rates.

Choose your vibe:


  • PROSTOR is a dynamic creative hub, you will be working surrounded by our team members, a bunch of plants and a really good coffee. Sometimes it's super calm, sometimes we are preparing exhibitions and events. You are welcome to join, meet interesting people and become part of the community.

Working hours: Mon.-Fri. 10-19h.

Available for drop-ins, booking not required.


  • T29 is a calm workspace, if you're lucky you might have it all for yourself or share with another coworker (we accept max. 6 persons at the same time). It is located on a small square with a green market in the morning. Perfect if you are looking for a very local vibe, far from the tourist crowds.

Working hours: flexible, the time is arranged according to your needs (and depending on availability).

Booking required via email:

Both spaces are only 10 minutes walk from the historical center.

Note: it's open-space style (no separate booths, but we are totally ok if you have calls). If you need more privacy for you or your team, you can rent the whole T29. Rates are available at

Both spaces are fully non profit and all income is invested in cultural and educational programs that we offer at PROSTOR.


If you are just starting to make ceramics, testing your ideas or you already have established activity but don’t have (enough) space, you can use our studio. It consists of a modular table, place to store your things and the basic tools for working with clay.  Material for work (clay, glaze, paint) is also at your disposal, and is charged depending on the amount used.  The capacity of the space for ceramics coworking is two persons at the same time (reservation obligatory).



10 eur / day

40 eur / week


We also have a 56L capacity kiln, which is being charged 20 eur per firing



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