We are accepting Erasmus+ interns, as well as students doing internship as part of their studies, for the position of the creative hub assistant.


This position includes participation in day to day management of the activities in the space: 

  • helping with organization of community members' gatherings and events

  • providing information to visitors and responding to enquiries

  • assisting with communication processes when needed


The intern will also get the opportunity to become familiar with ongoing international projects of Culture Hub Croatia and may assist in implementation of related tasks.

To apply, send us your CV and motivation letter at

This call is always open and the duration of the internship is flexible.



Blanka Kicsák has a B.A. degree in Television Production (University of Theatre and Film Arts, Hungary). As an intern, she worked as a presenter, editor and media designer for various Hungarian platforms.

Currently she is a Master's student in Design Theory at the University of Art and Design in Hungary, specialising in design curation. 

Blanka started her internship at CHC in February 2022, where she is helping with day to day management and with the organisation of events, as well as with media content creation and research work in the framework of the ongoing international projects. 

Internship period: February 2022 - June 2022

Paulina Kielbasa has B.A. degree in Journalism and Social Communication (University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland). As an intern in Katowice - City of Gardens, she explored her interest in the cultural and creative sector of the city.

She took her interest in culture beyond the borders of her country and has obtained M.A. degree in Serbian and Croatian Philology (University of Wroclaw, Poland). She attended three semesters of the studies at the University of Rijeka in Croatia where she deepened her passion for Croatian language and literature.

Internship period: September 2021 - January 2021

"The internship definitely met my expectations. I had the opportunity to
both witness and participate in the creation of the amazing place which is Prostor. I met some incredible people who fulfill their passions by doing what they love..

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