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CHC hub member (regular membership)


Being a hub member means claiming ownership of the space and contributing to its relevance and sustainability. Membership means connections with like-minded individuals in a creative environment.   


We are interested in creating longer-term meaningful relationships with people working in the cultural and creative sector living in Split and not just offering the physical space. As a creative hub member, you get: 


  • full access to the workspace, meeting rooms & living room with the library and kitchen

  • access to the open studio (if you are an artist), depending on the availability

  • the advantage of participating in events with a limited number of places, reduced prices for paid events and courses or possibility to attend them for free 

  • the opportunity to be part of our freelancers database of skilled professionals and work with us on a temporary or longer term basis, depending on your profile and our ongoing projects

  • the ability to contribute to shaping of the space, organize your own events and activities (one time per month, with a condition that the participation is free) and participate in community gatherings

  • the support and mentorship, if you wish to start your own projects.


All members at all times can have access to cost breakdown for the space. At least once a year, we organize a public event as an exercise for open budgeting: providing our financial information and budget allocations transparently, to members and everyone interested. 


Membership fees allow us to cover the basic costs for the maintenance of the space. By becoming a member you are supporting our joint creative cause and helping us to continue bringing value to the cultural and creative sector.


Membership fee: 28 EUR / month

CHC hub member collaborator


Being aware of different needs and situations of our members, we offer the opportunity to apply for a collaborator role. Members-collaborators have the same access rights and advantages as regular members but instead of paying membership fees (in money), they pay with their time, skills and creative capacities as an equivalent.


This call is always open and review the applications on a regular basis.

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