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Every year in February, CHC invites all interested civil society organizations, artistic organizations, informal groups and citizens to submit program activities for implementation in the creative hub Prostor.

In this way, we want to open Prostor to the community in Split and its surroundings; to those who do not have a space to carry out activities, and to those who see in this invitation a way to present their work and activities for free. The creative hub consists of several multifunctional rooms that can host different types of activities – exhibitions, workshops, lectures, projections, discussions, short-term artistic interventions.

The invitation is open to all civil society organizations, artistic organizations, informal groups and citizens working in the field of culture, education, contemporary art, and involve different types of audiences especially youth or vulnerable groups. Activities of participatory nature have priority in the selection process. The registered activities must be open to the public and free of charge. It is possible to adopt the space for a duration of maximum one day.

It is possible to register only one activity proposal per applicant per year.


  • Center for development and learning Mali Princ: mini cycle of sensorimotor workshops for children 

  • Sanja Marinković: activation of personal power through physical therapy - lecture and workshop 

  • Kalimera: presentation of virtual educational escape rooms

  • Terrum: "Turn and start" - pottery for therapeutic purposes

  • KLFM community radio: Radio in Spinut


  • Marija Biljan: artistic and anthropological project "City as a Person"

  • Center for education Juraj Bonači: a pop-up exhibition of artworks and a public lecture "The benefits of artistic creativity in working with people with intellectual disabilities"

  • Vesna Filaković: art therapy workshop

  • Marin Tudor: "prostor.i.ja" (space and myself) - day long exchange of ideas

  • Koribant Lab: "Non-place of embodiment" - presentation of an interdisciplinary art project

  • Maja Jelušić i Filip Bubalo: pop-up exhibition "Sea Aquarium"

The conditions for the space use within the call Adopt the Space:

  • Professional and responsible behavior during the promotion and implementation of the activity is expected from those who organize activities. The CHC platform considers the applicants as partners and will strive to establish a relationship based on cooperation and mutual trust with each organization. CHC concludes a cooperation agreement with the selected organizations, which contains the terms of use of the space during the implementation of the activity.

  • CHC includes the selected activities in its calendar on the website, as well as on the list of events at the entrance of Prostor. Additional promotion is the responsibility of the activity organizer. If it is an activity for which prior registrations are required, the organizer of the activity takes care of these procedures.​

  • Programs that take place in Prostor should be based on respect for human rights and civil liberties, therefore programs that spread hatred or intolerance on racial, religious, national, sexual, gender or other grounds will be excluded. Furthermore, Prostor cannot be used for religious programs and gatherings organized by associations or other entities that are primarily religious in their orientation, that is, which promote a particular religion. Also, they cannot be used by political parties, nor by organizations that promote a certain political option or party. 

Adopt the space call for this year was open until the 15th of February 2023. Next call will be published beginning of February 2024. 

The application needs to contain:

  • name / title of the applicant 

  • title of the activity and short description

  • duration of the activity and preferred date

  • technical equipment needed (if any)




  • Jutro Association: "Pazar znanja" (Market of Knowledge)

  • Trećeprostor Association: performance "Bear With Me"

  • Splitski potrošač Association: interactive lecture on consumer rights

  • Maja Jelušić and Filip Bubalo: presentation of the illustrated book "Velike kuće Split"

  • KLFM community radio: Radio in Spinut


  • Kuća Sunca: projection of the short film "Slavuj" and conversation with the author

  • Center for education Juraj Bonači (Marina Vrkić i Manuela Šarić): workshop "Art and Psychology" and pop-up exhibition by Ivanka Kekez

  • Prijatelj Association (Ada Reić): Interactive lecture

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