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Creative Repurposing of Educational Spaces for Innovative Student-centred Environments

Erasmus+ Project, 09/2020 – 12/2022
KA203 – Strategic partnerships for higher education

In partnership with:

  • University of Ljubljana (SLOVENIA)

  • MB Homo Eminens – XWHY Agency of Understanding, Vilnius (LITHUANIA)

  • Union of the Baltic Cities, Gdansk (POLAND)

  • Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas (LITHUANIA)

  • Out of the Box International, Brussels (BELGIUM)



Student-centred learning and learning ergonomics are becoming important aspects for all types of educational institutions. While student-centred learning is somewhat difficult to define in terms of its methodology and explicit content, it is a key to adapting to a more diverse student population and changing needs in terms of how education is conveyed.


In order to accommodate these ambitions, a re-examination of traditional pedagogy, including ways of how and where the learning and teaching processes take place, is needed. The Universities involved in this project as partner organisations, prepared piloting schemes for repurposing of educational buildings and spaces, in order to make the first steps and later replicate the model to a wider university environment.


In both universities, Kaunas and Ljubljana, the trainings are organised for the administrative staff and teachers to test and provide feedbacks to the manual developed within the project. 

Intellectual outputs:

  • Mapping of existing participatory practices and models for re-purposing of educational buildings and spaces (IO1)

  • Model for re-purposing of educational buildings and spaces (IO2)

  • Manual for the implementation of the model for re-purposing of educational buildings and spaces (IO3)

  • Policy recommendations (IO4)

CHC is contributing mainly to the IO1, IO2 and is leading the IO3. 

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