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Creative Europe Media project, 05/2022 – 05/2024

EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal, co-funded by the European Union, is a trendsetting project dedicated to a sustainable Europe and presents the corresponding goals of the European Union in a cinematic context.

With duration of 24 months (from May 2022-May 2024) EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal will provide an all-year-long program with a focus on information and education about the green agenda mainly through films. The project engages especially with the young audience on environmental challenges and promotes green activities and habits.

The program is based on a carefully curated film collection of 25 European films, which will be gradually presented both in cinemas in 19 European cities and online. Up-to-date didactic materials and thematically related workshops, lectures and discussions with a number of high-profile guests complete the unique offer.


As an associated partner, CHC is supporting the implementation of the project in Croatia by organizing screenings and translating the material. 

The project started on a symbolic date, the Europe Day, May 5th, 2022. Alongside with two multiply awarded documentaries HONEYLAND and MORE THAN HONEY, the touching Ukrainian short film PRYCHYNNA. THE STORY OF LOVE was presented as a sign of solidarity.


The last projection was held on 24th of November 2022. Register for the upcoming projections:


We provide the participating teachers with extensive teaching materials for preparation and follow-up – about the EU and the EU Green Deal as well as on each of the films presented – free of charge. 

In autumn 2022 we presented selected films on the occasion of European Mobility Week in September and European Waste Reduction Week in November.

Teachers are invited to sign up with their classes and participate in free screenings.

For questions, requests and suggestions we are at your disposal at any time at

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