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Communicating European Science Research Knowledge through Arts

Erasmus+, 04/2021 - 03/2023
KA227 – Partnerships for Creativity

In partnership with:

  • Esciencia Eventos Cientificos SL (SPAIN)

  • Associazione Arditodesìo (ITALY)

  • Universidad de Zaragoza (SPAIN)

  • Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale Alessandro Volta (ITALY)

  • Nikoletta Georgogianni Best Cybernetics Company (GREECE).


EUREKArt is an innovative educational project developed to promote and increase societal scientific knowledge. This multidisciplinary project will provide broad social value through an educational synergy between the visual and performing arts framed by cutting edge research in nanotechnology. To increase stakeholder reach we will generate a number of open educational resources for both teachers and students to facilitate and optimize the key learning outcomes.

In the framework of the project, we will develop:

  • a complete didactic guide on sciences, plastic and performing arts;

  • introduction to nanotechnology flashcards;

  • “step-by-step” guide for scientific experiments;

  • dossiers for artistic workshops; and

  • Art & Nano dictionary to expand vocabulary in both disciplines.

To adopt a more creative approach to development of culture in the post-COVID era, we propose a programme in which nanotechnology and materials science and engineering will provide activities that promote the active participation of society and social inclusion through the arts. Nanotechnology is a discipline of the future that will lead us to great technological advances, allowing us to cultivate talent and an entrepreneurial spirit in the cultural and creative fields.

CHC is contributing to three intellectual outputs:

  • learning Nanoscience through plastic arts (an open educational resource for teachers, oriented to education on the development of artistic skills and nanotechnology and nanomaterials knowledge);

  • science communication through scenic arts (promoting knowledge on nanotechnology and materials science, and enhancing the communication abilities of students through the development of a toolbox of activities linking science and scenic arts);

  • open access educational web platform.


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