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Innovative interpretation of industrial heritage, Rijeka

International Workshop

16 – 29 September 2018

In partnership with:

  • European Heritage Volunteers

  • Centre for Industrial Heritage

  • Centre for Advanced Studies of the South-East Europe, University of Rijeka


The international workshop was organized as part of the project co-financed by the European Union from the European Structural and Investment Funds “Touristic valorisation of the representative monuments of the industrial heritage of Rijeka”, which comprises of giving new purpose to the motor ship “Galeb” from 1938 and to the former Sugar Refinery Palace from 1786 which will be converted into museum spaces used by the City Museum of Rijeka.

The main idea of the workshop was to tackle the challenge of innovative interpretation of the ship “Galeb” and the former Sugar Refinery which are in the course of their revitalisation: how to inspire, intrigue, entertain and move the users and which forms of interpretation to use to reach these objectives? How to create the connection between the two locations which in future will share the same function (the Museum of the City of Rijeka)?


The workshop consisted of introducing the basics of heritage interpretation, interpretation planning and cultural tourism, and was based on the heritage potentials of the two monuments in question. Volunteers had the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the city of Rijeka, its industrial heritage and the project of the touristic valorisation. The training and conference on heritage interpretation were organized as a public event during the workshop, as well as several other events open for the local community.

The practical work was focused on the two locations described and during the two-week period, the volunteers developed, under professional guidance, a proposal for good-quality interpretation of the two monuments – adapted to their context, historical role, actual function and potential users. The presence of international volunteers and the exchange of experiences was also relevant for the active involvement of the local population into the process of valorisation and raising the awareness about the potential of the industrial heritage and the role it plays in fostering sustainable cultural tourism and development of local community.

Discover the full report and proposals HERE.

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