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Life of Kineski Zid (Chinese wall) building  - Triptych

author: Jelena Zanchi / photographer: Vicko Vidan

2nd July - 12th August 2022

I was born in the same year when this building was built and I have lived in it, with some interruptions, since then. I remember coming home from a night out as a high school student and stopping with my friends by the playground in front of the building to talk a little more before going to sleep. I would then look towards the imposing facade of the Great Wall of China, through which the smouldering of its inner life could be discreetly glimpsed, partially filtered by movable window blinds. Different tones of light in the apartments, the dynamic reflection of the TV show that the residents are watching, parts of the interior, someone's shadow passing by, the sound of moving window blinds that I love so much, as echoes of summer evenings... these are all images and impressions that evoke beauty and the feeling of possibility of quality coexistence of differences. Inspired by these memories, with the work "Life of the Chinese Wall", I wanted to tell a story about life and diversity that is hidden, but also glimpsed, under the modular surface of the facade of the Great Wall of China.

This work was designed for the Science Festival and its theme - LIFE. I would like to thank all the tenants who not only allowed us to film their living rooms, but were very interested in the project and enthusiastically supported it. The photos were taken by Vicko Vidan, who was present at all stages of the project development and contributed to the success of the final solution with his technical knowledge and quality suggestions.

Jelena Zanchi

The exhibition is part of the "Inhabiting" program that Culture Hub Croatia is implementing in 2022 as part of the Prostor creative hub. The program is co-financed by the Kultura nova Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Media.

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