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Ledia Kostandini: Blowing in the Wind

April 20th - May 6th 2022

Prostor, Plančićeva 2

“My starting point comes since my first visit in Split in 2020, when I noticed the hanging clothes across the old town. Here and there, they seemed like flags that manifest the existence of locals’ life behind those walls. I started to trace those clothes, just like following tiny heartbeats of the town, pulses showing that this monumental site generates its own genuine life, not just of touristic sort. My work uses textiles to create ‘invasive’ structures along the pathways. It is sort of an action which aims to acclaim territory. These structures will occupy nothing more than the air around the buildings, as common sheets usually do. But in this case they require attention and become peaceful invaders of the public space. At the same time, the title  refers to a state of  being unestablished, something to be discussed about or ambivalent, uncertain, such as those ‘walls’ under the breeze.”

Ledia Kostandini (1983, Pogradec) is an Albanian artist living and working in Tirana. She graduated from the Art Academy in Tirana, and her practice includes a variety of media, including photography, painting, installations, public interventions and illustration. In her works she is inspired by social transformations, inherited or lost cultures, with a special interest in architectural forms and random urban elements that manifest social behavior in thepublic space. Her works have been exhibited internationally and locally. Solo exhibitions include “Çentro Estetike” (Miza Galeri, Tirana, 2014), “Blockwork” (Tulla Culture Center, Tirana, 2016), “Let Us Meet in Between” (Bazament Art Space, Tirana, 2018) and “I Look at Them They Look Back at Me” (Private Print Studio, Skopje, North Macedonia, 2019). She has participated in numerous group exhibitions. She won the first prize in the See Visions photography competition (2010), the Ardhje Award (2011); and the awards of the Italian Embassy in Tirana (2020). She participated in the International Study and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York City in 2012, and was one of the artists who participated in the first edition of the Voids project in 2020

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