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Youth, Remembrance And Creativity In Face Of Society’s Identity Crisis. The Role Of Memorial Sites In Europe 


Erasmus+ Project, 09/2017 – 09/2019

KA201 - Strategic partnership projects for school education

In partnership with:

  • European Observatory on Memories - University of Barcelona (SPAIN);

  • Lycée Aristide Maillol, Perpignan (FRANCE);

  • Liceo Statale Antonio Rosmini, Grosseto (ITALY);

  • OSZ Lotis, Berlin (GERMANY);

  • Collège Marcel Pagnol, Perpignan (FRANCE);

  • Institut Narcís Monturiol, Figueres (SPAIN);

  • Istituto storico grossetano della Resistenza e dell’età contemporanea, Grosseto (ITALY);

  • Museu Memorial de l’Exili, La Jonquera (SPAIN).



The central issue of this project is the social inclusion and promotion of diversity and mutual understanding as one of the most important goals and challenges for all educational institutions involved in this project. The partnership with European memorials is a powerful tool for reaching common solutions and introducing memories in the educational sphere. The memorials have for their mission not only to inform about their own historical contexts, but also to teach citizenship and peace.

The added value of our project is the introduction of art and artistic expression as an innovative pedagogical method used for both, the acquisition of knowledge (history) and skills and the communication around more intimate memories in the context which goes beyond the school and the local setting. Art enabled a true communication between all students participating in the project, transcending possible linguistic and cultural barriers and promoting mutual understanding. Through tracing personal family histories, this methodology allowed youth to gain ownership over memories .

The final activity of “Our Memories and I” project was held in Split, Croatia, from 07-09th of May 2019, hosted by CHC. Eight partners coming from France, Spain, Germany and Italy together with the project coordinator European Observatory on Memories (EUROM) from the University of Barcelona shared their experiences of the 2-year project and evaluated the methodology used.  Apart from the final internal meeting, a pop-up exhibition and a public conference took place at the Alliance Française entitled “Youth, Remembrance and Creativity”. This event served to disseminate the results of “Our Memories and I” project to a wider public and was a useful learning experience both for international partners as well as for local history teachers and others interested in the subject. 


Find out more on the dedicated WEBSITE of the project and on Facebook and Instagram. The final publication is available HERE.
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