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How to transform a space into a place? 

Being intuitively guided by the placemaking principles, we've opened our space in July 2021. It is not a uniformed designed place nor a finished product. But it has a vision. A vision that was informed by the community and years of experimentation. It is open to changes, depending on the continuous community feedback. 


To create a welcoming place, we started with the plants, before having anything else. Your plant in the space creates a sense of belonging. Your donated chairs help us equip the workspace. Your donated time helps us become operational very quickly and allows us to grow. 


Recycling, reuse and redesign of old objects is very important also because we want to promote a more sustainable way of life and care for the environment. In addition, we rented a privately (not City) owned space on our own.

This is why we accept donations. Below we have listed the items or services that we currently need. This list will be updated as we go. Reach out to us if you can help. 

Even the smallest contribution counts for us.

Thank you for supporting this independent cultural initiative.

For donations:

Platforma "Culture Hub Croatia"

Sedam Kaštela 8, 21000 Split

OIB: 41234620191

Bank name: Privredna banka Zagreb d.o.o.

IBAN: HR82 2340 0091 1108 4207 4

  • refrigerator

  • small microwave oven

  • vacuum cleaner

  • extension cords

  • electronics (dispays, TVs, mediaplayers)

  • cleaning supplies

  • office supplies

  • books

Pink tote bag
Beige tote bag
Yellow tote bag
Black tote bag
Tote bags
Green tote bag
Pink tote bag

By contributing the minimum donation of 50,00HRK, you can support the hub and get a tote bag as a gift*!

* You can pick up your bag at the Prostor (Plančićeva 2, Split) or send us the payment confirmation by mail and you will receive your gift by post.

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In addition to being a creative hub, Prostor is also the first hostel for plants in Split! We combine our love for plants, the will for the space to be green, and the need of many to have somewhere safe to leave the plants while travelling. No need to ask friends for favour anymore, bring your plants to us and we’ll take good care of them! By paying a small fee for this service you are directly supporting the creative hub as all proceedings are going towards the maintenance costs of the space and its cultural and educational activities.


You can leave your house plants with us for as long as you wish. The model is based on donations with a symbolic daily fee. Send us an inquiry or stop by to know more.