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Digital media upskilling for artists

Creative Europe, 02/2023 - 01/2027

In partnership with:

  • Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

  • Perypezye Urbane (Italy)

  • Youth for Equality (Slovakia)

  • Prisms (Malta)

  • Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

  • Espronceda (Spain)



Professional Media Presence “PMP” is a medium sized Creative Europe innovation project, focused on the priorities of digital and social inclusion. PMP answers the need to better understand media, to better harness media and new technologies as tools for professional practices and professional self-expression in the cultural and creative sector.


The need for this kind of support and development is growing as well as the role of media in our daily lives which was especially enhanced during the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Media serves as a vessel for misinformation, disinformation and propaganda in these settings and artists may unknowingly find themselves participating in the media manipulation. The need for media education amongst artists is more relevant than ever.

PMP starts with a series of 5 online seminars where top media experts share their knowledge about different media forums, media usage and methods, media readership skills, new technologies, and the best ways to use them in a professional manner. Each seminar is followed by a workshop for artists from different backgrounds, in which they will develop media methods and practices, co-create art pieces, share their best practices and discuss ways how the lessons learned in the seminars can be transformed into their professional lives. The art created during the workshops will be showcased around Europe and online increasing transnational circulation of artworks as well as the artists’ presence at the  international level.

The “Professional Media Practices for Artists” toolkit as an output of the project will be conceived as a collection of best practices, methods, and practical examples addressing the needs of individual artists and creative organizations for their digital professional growth and ownership of their own digital space.


In this project, CHC is leading the Communication and Dissemination workpackage. We are responsible for organizing a seminar, workshop week and hosting artist residency on the topic of "Media and Identity". We are also coordinating the production of 20 podcasts, the organization of exhibitions and are making sure that the project has good quality social media presence (#PMPartists).

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