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Plančićeva street 2, in the ground floor of the famous, and one of the two longest modernist apartment buildings in Split. Built in the 70s in Spinut neighbourhood for residential and commercial purposes, they are locally known as “Chinese wall” (Kineski zid).


10-minute walk from the city center, right outside of the historical core.


Operational hours: Mon.-Fri. 10-19h.


Info point: a place to ask for information about CHC memberships, current or upcoming events, exhibitions, programmes, projects, networking and learning opportunities… combined with a relaxed hang-out area with sofa, coffee station and a couple of tables for reading, chatting or working.


Workspace (coworking): a cosy space for individual or group work (open-space style). An integral part of the workspace is also the mezzanine office area suitable for more private work or small meetings. We accept short-term users. Coworking rates: 7 eur / day, 30 eur / week, 85 eur / month or a 10 day pass (within the same month) 50 eur. The space is also available to members (cultural and creative sector).


Gallery and events space: a space in which we organize exhibitions promoting local and international artists; conferences; meet-ups; talks; projections; workshops etc. Keep an eye on the calendar to know what’s going on.


Open studio: atelier mainly used by artists in residency. Open for drop-ins if you’re curious about his/hers work. Depending on availability we offer the studio to local artists who are in need of temporary space to prepare their artworks. This space is also used for workshops. 


Residence: an integral part of the hub is a bedroom on the second mezzanine. It is used by artists or cultural workers in residence as well as other invited guests and partners. We are also able to host artists coming to Split for an exhibition or any other business, depending on the availability.


Living room: between the open studio and the bedroom, the living room is a community space with a small equipped kitchen and library under the staircase. It is part of the residence, but it is always open and accessible to community members. Often used for informal events, meet-ups and reading nights.


Ceramics coworkingIf you are just starting to make ceramics, testing your ideas or you already have established activity but don’t have (enough) space, you can use our studio. It consists of a modular table, place to store your things and the basic tools for working with clay.  Material for work (clay, glaze, paint) is also at your disposal, and is charged depending on the amount used.  The capacity of the space for ceramics coworking is two persons at the same time (reservation obligatory). Rates: 10 eur / day, 35 eur / week. We also have a 56L capacity kiln, which is being charged 20 eur per firing

Library of things: the philosophy of this kind of library is based on sharing, reusing, upcycling and thinking about the environment by lowering the consumption in general. Library consists of different objects, tools and material that can be borrowed. Everyone is invited to contribute to the library, to borrow from it in exchange of donation or an object.

Hostel for plants: we combine our love for plants, the will for the space to be green, and the need of many to have somewhere safe to leave the plants while travelling. No need to ask friends for favour anymore, bring your plants to us and we’ll take good care of them! You can leave your house plants with us for as long as you wish. 

Most of the space is modular, meaning adaptable to different needs and occasions. We are able to host gatherings, workshops, conferences & events. 

Space rental fees:

50 EUR / half a day (4h)

13 EUR / hour

Contact us for more information or bookings.


All proceedings from the co-working and space rental are invested in the maintenance of PROSTOR. 

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