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Revitalisation of the two towers, Kaštela

International Workshop

20 – 30 September 2017

In partnership with:

  • European Heritage Volunteers

  • City of Kaštela 



The main aim of this architectural planning workshop was to reflect on a new use of the two historical monuments. A group of ten international and national participants coming from eight different countries worked under professional guidance on the examination, comparison and analysis of the two towers, their historical development, construction typology and usage through the centuries in order to present a comparative study which valorised the diversity of architectural approach and its role in the development of Kaštela.

The task of the volunteers was to propose possible solutions for the sustainable use of the two towers which would allow their preservation as well as their continuity by giving them a new function adapted to the context, specific location and the local population. The great challenge of this project was to use their simplicity and integration with the surrounding environment to develop an interesting and attractive solution that might make them more visible and useful. The final results are guidelines and proposals which were publicly presented at the end of the workshop.

In addition, this project was an opportunity for volunteers to work on raising the awareness of the local population about the importance of the site they live in and on encouraging them to think further and to contribute to the preservation and revitalisation of the site. Besides the practical work, the volunteers had the opportunity to meet the locals during the two open-door days of the workshop and to learn from professors from the University of Split who intervened as lecturers. The volunteers also visited other significant cities and monuments in the close vicinity such as the UNESCO World Heritage sites Trogir and Split as well as the archaeological site of Salona.

Re-thinking the cultural heritage as an important social and economic asset is of crucial importance, not only in terms of its preservation, but also in terms of developing wider cultural sustainable offer for the visitors and the local inhabitants. This workshop was an important step towards re-thinking the whole City of Kaštela, faced with many challenges, but having a great potential ready to be discovered.

Discover the full report and proposals HERE.

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