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Rural heritage valorisation, Podravina

International Workshop

19 - 29 August 2020

In partnership with:

  • European Heritage Volunteers

  • Interpretation Center Petar Preradović


International cultural heritage partner project in 2020 took place in Podravina region in the Northern, rural part of Croatia, hosted by the local partner - Interpretation Center Petar Preradović. The selected participants were coming from Croatia, Mexico, Turkey and the
US. The geographical area of Podravina is taken as the location of the workshop because it consists of many small communities with rich tangible and intangible heritage that is still unexplored and not visible enough at the local and international levels. The volunteers worked in Grabrovnica where the Interpretation Center is located, but the workshop also consisted of numerous field trips and study visits with the aim to discover and encounter as many of the relevant communities as possible.


This rural part of Croatia is still an undiscovered area in terms of tourism. Nevertheless, it is attracting an increasing number of visitors from Croatia and abroad, especially those seeking a preserved and clean landscape, and who want to learn about the cultural heritage and customs of this rural area. The interpretation center is dedicated to enriching the cultural offer of the area and its premises were used during the workshop as a working space for the volunteers.
Rural communities – villages located in Podravina are currently disconnected and there is a strong need to work collaboratively on bringing them together using culture and creativity as drivers for innovation.


The idea of the international heritage workshop in Podravina was to interpret and valorize the rich rural cultural heritage and connect smaller creative communities and relevant local
actors. This network would be based on their creative potential, traditions and value of the cultural heritage considered as a resource for fostering social, economic and cultural development.

Discover the full report and proposals HERE.

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