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In the framework of the “Voids2020” project, apart from using the spaces as open studios for invited artists, we have decided to invite all citizens and other civil society organizations in Split to get involved in the initiative, “adopt” one of the spaces and shape the city during the winter.

A series of cultural and creative events took place throughout the project in spaces that are otherwise used for touristic purposes. Some of the planned events were artists talks organized by the CHC. Everyone was invited to use the other available time slots in the open calendar and submit an activity proposal. Then, we offered the space that is most appropriate for the event. Suggestions could include workshops, presentations, meet-ups, courses…with the intention of sharing hobbies and skills with others. Below you can find the full list of community events that took place during the project.

15/02/2020 | OPENING
16h-22h Video, Ivana Mirchevska: SHE /// Exchange office /// Nepotova 1
16:30h-17:15h Informal walk through the empty streets of the city /// meeting point: Golden gates
17:30h-17:45h Performance: Mia Kevo: Common Sense /// Dioklecijanova 2
18:00h-19:30h Presentation of the project and the program through conversation with the artists: Antonio Grgić, Mia Kevo, Andrea Resner i Lana Stojićević /// Dioklecijanova 2
20h Networking drinks: happy hour at Ghetto Club & Art Academy + KLFM Soundsystem (JSRC)

16/02 – 7/03/2020 // Bosanska 4
School of performative experience

Through 4 interconnected workshops of acting, performance and personal theatre, participants explored possibilities of performance and their authentic “performing voice”. The work process included physical, emotional and creative exercises. At the end of the school, a public joint performance was organized in consultation with the group.

About the Workshop Leader: Martina Kartelo (MA in Performing Arts) is an independent performer, educator and pedagogue from Split.

20/02/2020 // Zadarska 14
Performance /// Mia Kevo, Common Sense

Text: Kreativno Dvorište Kilomotiva
Text reading: Katarina Nikšić

Common sense can be conceptualized as / third space / open space / collective space, as something that belongs to all of us through the spatial configuration of our being / our body. The premises of mine and our activities thus become the points where the tourist agency or exchange office, the so-called third space / open space / collective space reveals as an opportunity to create a place of possible meeting through creative action. Transforming the original role and the original reasons for coming into this purpose-designated space, one examines the physical and mental spaces, thus entering and exiting into the space of the third become real and imaginative, concrete and abstract, and metaphorically reflect the emptiness that each person or society faces.

22/02/2020 // Mihaljevićeva 1
Bumbak Vintage POP UP STORE

Bumbak is a young brand from Split, the ambassador of slow fashion and an eternal advocate of wearing grandma’s old goods. The Bumbak Pop Up Store offered carefully selected vintage pieces of clothing and little things for the home, while also presenting some interesting facts about sustainable design.

24/02 -25/02/2020 // Bosanska 4
Coworking Open Doors Days

CHC had its first (temporary) office in Split! We converted a souvenir shop in Bosanska 4 into a pop-up coworking. In our spirit, we wanted to share it and we offered three spots at our table, on Monday (24/2) and Tuesday (25/2) to those who are tired of libraries and coffee shops. The office was open from 10 am to 7 pm, with available wifi, coffee and a cozy atmosphere.

27/02/2020 // Bosanska 4
Distro queerANarchive

Since 2010, queerANarchive has been introducing queer discourse in Split through socio-cultural programs. The Distro queerANarchive presents the workshop program of the Printing House operating in the Youth Center, as well as printed materials created through artistic research and fanzine workshops – (inter) spaces of fagoty / (un) visible traces of a history / fagots in revolt / vacation. As part of the presentation, a demonstration of screen printing on bags and clothing was held.

29/02/2020 // Bosanska 4
Creative workshop for children

In cooperation with the Museum of the City of Split, the adopted space in Bosanska 4 was used as a creative workshop for children up to 12 years of age who worked in the collage technique. The workshop was led by Maria Plazibat, Museum Educator (MGS).

1/03/2020 // Dioklecijanova 2
Marendin /// Glazbeni čalabrc (brunch)

A gathering that celebrates a return to the community and a positive energy on Sunday morning with a music selection by a DJ, a healthy snack, a few books, a cup of tea or a glass of good wine.

1/03/2020  // Bosanska 4
Film screening: FMFS: Macadam stories

Samuel Benchetrit (France / 100′/ 2015)

A building in a housing project. One broken—down elevator. Three encounters. Six characters. Will Sternkowitz make it out of his wheelchair to pursue the love of a night nurse? Will latchkey teen Charly succeed in getting 80’s actress Jeanne Meyer a role? And what will become of astronaut John McKenzie, who fell to earth and was taken in by Mrs. Hamida? Macadam Stories is an interesting story of destinies intertwined and about everything that makes us human; all our vices and virtues, dreams and hopes.

3/03/2020 // Dioklecijanova 2
On speculative design
“Towards the meditarenean speculative design”

Ivica Mitrovic and Oleg Suran stand behind the informal educational platform Interakcije at the Arts Academy in Split. The platform deals with new design practices, from interaction design to critical and speculative design. Through a series of projects that include production of works, exhibitions and publications, they address contemporary design practices and education through an attempt to design an approach called “Mediterranean Speculative Approach” that connects their shared sensibility to the Adriatic and topics that reflect on our future in the Mediterranean. Their discursive and project-based practices are inseparable from the educational, which has resulted in a series of successful student projects, and in the context of the city such as “Splitska dica – Tent community” and “Art Squat 2.0”, by student Alejandra Robles Sosa who joined this talk and presented her works.

5/03/2020 // Nepotova 1
Natasha Kadin: Qui est elle? (2013.) video, 9:09, loop

Natasha Kadin is known as the leader of the association MAVENA – 36 miracles of hers and the organization SEA Silba Environment Art, artistic director of the sound art festival ISPOD and the exhibition cycle NMG PRAKTIKA, as well as various other art projects, and it is less known that Natasha herself IS occasionally doing contemporary artworks, mainly in the form of videos, video installations and photographs. Qui est elle? is a video performance created on Silba in the mid- summer 2013, the title itself is the last verse of the poem by Radovan Ivšić Maven, after which the association she leads is named, and was part of the project Traces, which was presented in Split, Zadar, Maribor and Belgrade. The camera and editing is done by Tihana Mandušić, and the work speaks of internal and external voids, with a characteristic Mediterranean atmosphere and a kind of pathos of the climate, which is both beautiful and suicidal.

6/03/2020 // Mihaljevićeva 1
Pollen woman

The Lepant Historic Galleys project looks back at an international historical event and heritage, and one of these is Polen Woman, which was stolen and forgotten. In this way, the association “Pollen Woman” raises awareness among people about the importance of replicas, while also reviving the tradition of eight galleys from the Adriatic Sea.

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