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Best Practice Exchange

Erasmus+ Project, 12/2020 – 5/2022
KA204 – Strategic partnerships for adult education

In partnership with:

  • Foundation Chronic Dobro, Krakow (POLAND);

  • The Churches Conservation Trust, London (UK);

  • The City of Pori (FINLAND).



The aim of the project was to build capacity of the staff members who cooperate with volunteers on a daily basis as well as to exchange best practices between the organisations operating in this field. All the project partners work for cultural heritage and have experience in involving volunteers in these activities.

We share the conviction that volunteering for heritage doesn’t only translate into tangible benefits in protecting the heritage, but, above all, it is a great way to strengthen local communities and support the advancement of a civil society that feels responsible for their heritage resources and their surroundings; a society that develops its sense of empowerment and impact on their environment.

Each partner organised a study visit and invited three representatives of the participating organisations. The study visits served to exchange best practices and ideas, as well as to strengthen the staff by developing their competences and reinforcing their motivation. Moreover, three trainings for participants were organised to specifically address work with volunteers in the field of heritage.

The study visits organized in the framework of the project: 

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