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Filip Vlahov: Dokazi (Evidence)

November 9th - 24th  2023


The first solo exhibition of an artist and design student Filip Vlahov from Split, "Evidence", introduces us to the meticulously interpreted world of linear shaping of human and animal anatomy that steps out of the frame of reality. The author's long drawing and directing of densely spaced lines creates a surreal dynamic of volume that highlights the vibrancy of depictions, including those of pure skeleton.

Such a detailed linear description, which makes the observer imagine a movement of the motif in a metaphysical sense, is perfected by the author in his previously made etchings, which, in addition to the cycle of anatomical drawings made in the rapidograph technique and ink on paper, are also visible as part of the "Evidence" exhibition.

In addition to the graphic technique of etching, the author was significantly inspired by historical medical and anatomical illustrations, along with Polish posters related to the representation of the human body.

- Flora Novak 



The exhibition is part of the Design Month implemented in the framework of the program "Spaces of Empowerment-Play-Sustainability" that Platform "Culture Hub Croatia" is implementing in 2023 as part of the creative hub Prostor. The program is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia. The work of the Platform "Culture Hub Croatia" is supported by the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society and the Kultura nova Foundation.

Technical setup: Alen Marić, Marino Vukasović

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