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Platforma za eksperiment 3.1

December 14th 2022 - January 20th  2023

Lara Badurina, Liberta Mišan and Sara Salamon, at the invitation of the Platform "Culture Hub Croatia" in 2022, conducted artistic research that, through residential stays, included mapping locations, surveying citizens and recording actions in public space, which then became the basis for an experimental short movie. The spatial and physical pollution during the tourist season was the first trigger in the experimental work process. In parallel, postcards about these spaces and a short booklet accompanying the process were created, and together formed an art installation presented in this exhibition.

PLATFORM FOR EXPERIMENT began its work in 2017 with the aim of exploring the particularity of space through merging of contemporary practices within the artistic field; performing and visual arts. Numbered with place markers and the order of execution, the platforms are continuously implemented with fluid changes of members/initiators, depending on the interest and achieved results of the research of places, cities and their urban landscapes. The programs of the platform for experiment include public, urban spaces, several of them at the same time or by choosing a key one, with the aim of revitalizing and raising awareness of the urban space. The field of action is also a field of fusion that includes scenic and ambient spaces of various media installations such as sound and light installations through actions, events, performances and plays.


The "Platform for experiment 3.1" program is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Split. The work of the "Culture Hub Croatia" Platform is supported by the Kultura nova Foundation.


Curator: Jasmina Šarić

Technical setup: Lara Badurina, Liberta Mišan, Sara Salamon

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