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Playful Futures: illustrations

January 23rd - February 1st  2023

Playful Futures is a project that, with the help of an online live-action-role play game, encourages participants to rethink the economic foundations of society. We are implementing the project in cooperation with Edgeryders and the University of Aalborg. In November 2022, we published a public call for illustrators, during which we were looking for ideas and scenarios of how the coastal cities of the Mediterranean will look as a result of climate change and sea level rise.

In Prostor, between January 23 and February 1, you can visit the exhibition of illustrations that received the votes of a jury composed of members of project partners, as well as three illustrations that received awards:

Agata Lučić, "Air rib rib"

Betty Stojnić, "Dead Channel"

Katarina Matković, "Water Clock"


The exhibition was created in the framework of the project Playful Futures, supported by COESO project (Horizon2020 programme).

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