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Historic and Sites - sustainable and inclusive living spaces for future generations inspired by the New European Bauhaus
Creative Europe, 11/2023 - 10/2025

In partnership with:

  • Association of Historic Towns (Slovenia)

  • Moldova National Museum Complex, Iasi (ROMANIA)

  • San Antonio University Foundation, Murcia (SPAIN)

  • Culture Hub Croatia, Split (CROATIA)

  • University of Applied Sciences, Turku (FINLAND)

  • ITACA, Il Territorio al Centro Dell'Attenzione, Cellino Attanasio (ITALY)



REVIVE project is inspired by the NEB movement and co-funded through the Creative Europe programme. Project consortium of six partners from six European countries are committed to addressing the challenges of declining historical towns and transforming them using the power of Cultural and Creative Industries. The new REVIVE project is coordinated by the Association of Historic Towns of Slovenia.

Our goals are to: 


  • develop and test innovative sustainable and inclusive solutions for reviving old historical towns and sites based on intercultural and cross-sector experimentation inspired by cultural heritage,

  • nurture young creative talents and build competences for innovation and participatory co-creation based on sustainable principles,

  • promote cultural values, potentials and perspectives of declining historical towns as future sustainable and inclusive living places.

Between November 2023 and October 2025, REVIVE will integrate knowledge and experience from six countries and cultures in a cross-sectoral approach, to explore the challenges of using cultural heritage as an inspiration, including young creative minds in enriching communities and experimenting with new living models, designs and approaches in declining historic towns and sites. This will be achieved through physical and virtual experimentation in four selected specific urban sites, each facing their own challenges common to many cities, towns and villages across Europe: 

Tržič (Slovenia) -  visioning of an open derelict public space in heritage settings in Tržič, which stimulates and engages new generations and people from different cultural and social backgrounds into exchange and interaction (market, meeting point).

Iași (Romania) - the palace and its challenging underground space, containing the industrial heritage which is to become a space for cross-cultural exchanges, with creative presentations of individuals and communities from different nationalities who have over the centuries found home and prosperity in Iași.

Cellino Attanasio (Italy) - the project intervention will focus on a former unused theatre space in the historical centre, which will be converted into a multi-functional and inter-generational public space available for creation, design and implementation of new artistic and cultural contents reviving the community.

Turku (Finland) - use of video mapping on the outer part of the longest building in Turku as a new approach to revival of industrial heritage (the previous function of the building will become visible on its outside) – the intervention will connect the past and present and engage the local people to encourage reflection and raise awareness.

REVIVE is exploring topics of sustainability in heritage through living public spaces, digital technologies, arts and crafts and intercultural dialogue. Young talents who will be participating in the live experiments in four countries will be chosen on the basis of the open call, launching in January 2024. They will prepare for the on site work during the online bootcamps, while the general public will be invited to join the open capacity building online seminars on the above mentioned topics throughout the project. 

As partners, our role is distributed through project communication and dissemination activities (WP4) and support in specific tasks related to visioning and experimentation (WP2). We are responsible for the design and facilitation of online meetings, bootcamps and capacity building events open for public on specific topics related to the revitalization of cultural heritage; leading the process of attracting and involving young creative talents and ensuring the visibility of all project activities by presenting the results to a wide audience.

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