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Creative exchange with Destil

December 2022 - July 2023
Creative FLIP

In partnership with:

  • Destil creative hub, Tirana (Albania)



CHC and Destil initiated the twin hubs exchange primarily to focus on the topic of entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sectors, and to inspire and empower each others’ communities, especially women artists and creatives. During the exchange we would like to explore and imagine a more structured way to connect the inspiring women artists in our community, provide them with the opportunity to become residents in our hubs with the aim to build their capacities and resilience and increase visibility at the regional level. We will bring together inspiring entrepreneurs from Albania - community members of Destil together local creative community in Split interested in learning and launching a creative businesses.

In May 2023, CHC hub manager and community member travelled to Tirana for a study visit of Destil creative hub, presentation of CHC to Destil’s community and discovery of the local cultural scene. We also had a working session focused on the programmes for entrepreneurs which Destil is implementing, brainstorming session on specific topics we want to address through the future art&business residencies in our hubs, ways to connect artists from both countries and initiate new collaborations, as well as the organizational aspects and financial scheme needed for implementation of the residencies.

In July 2023, on the occasion of Prostor's second birthday, Destil hub manager and community members Thurje Handmade are travelling to Split for a study visit and the final event. The public event is imagined as a creative encounter between Albanian artists and the local community, to showcase their practices, create new collaboration opportunities and brainstorm together on the needs and potentials of both of our communities, in Croatia and Albania. 

Twin hubs is made possible thanks to the Twin Hubs Exchange Programme in the framework of the Creative FLIP project co-founded by the European Union and project partners: the Goethe-Institut (Lead partner), European Creative Hubs Network, IDEA Consult, 3s Unternehmensberatung and Intellectual Property Institute Luxembourg.

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