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During two weeks (from 5th to 20th of March), the invited artists from Croatia and the region used several spaces (whose usual function is related to tourism) as their open studios. The result of their residency within the space was not predetermined, but the artists were free to focus on the process of creation itself, and therefore not only on the spatial but also on the temporal aspect of the void. Artists could propose shorter or long-term interventions, innovative ways of communicating with the audience or performative actions. The project therefore focuses on performativity, with the ultimate goal of acquiring a sense of ownership. This refers to the ownership of our memories and the ownership of urban space and local heritage. The audience was invited to visit their studios during their stay and get a better understanding of their artistic practice but also the process of artistic creation and research.
MILKA DELIBAŠIĆ | 5. - 11. 3. /// 10-13 & 16-19h ///  ex-apartment “Pilar”, Svetoga Đurđa 14
"By sensing the inner life of the space, I make interventions with screens on which mental images are projected. These images become an integral part of the body of the space, they are like windows that again lead us to some other realities..."
DŽENAN HADŽIHASANOVIĆ | 6. - 12. 3. /// 10-13 & 16-19h /// space (pavilion) across from the Gymnasium, Frana Supila bb

Dženan worked on a cycle of works called "Blank Title", in which he explores demonstrations, public gatherings and masses of people as a sociological phenomenon through painting. Leaving transparent voids, the scenes are decontextualized and change their meaning depending on the observer.

DARKO ALEKSOVSKI | 12. - 15. 3. /// 10-13 & 16-19h /// souvenir shop Deša pro d.o.o., Frana Supila 8
During his stay in Dubrovnik, Darko has been working on his project A Small Handbook for Daydreaming, an ongoing series of zines which is an extension of a larger body of works titled Places for Daydreaming. These self-published works are a research into our ever-changing worldview, and how specific places, objects and situations can become points for daydreaming which can let us imagine the present and future utopias of the world through a quotidian perspective.
IVANA DRAŽIĆ SELMANI | 12. - 16. 3. /// 17 - 20h ///space (pavilion) across from the Gymnasium, Frana Supila bb
"Questioning the theme of the horizon has been the center of my artistic interest for many years. Using different media such as photography, video, audio, ambient intervention, drawing, picture, graphic print or the written text itself, by producing an art book, I form my "own horizon", then leaving it to the observers who imprint traces of their own personalities on it. Through each work, I try to make the environment in which the work takes place an integral part of it. The position of the work is at the level of the observer’s view with the aim of establishing or denying communication with the line of the outer horizon, (in)visible from the position of the entrance, facing the sea. The derived horizon will be in the form of a text written inside the space. The changes of day and night, in relation to the outer horizon, question the meaning of the textual one."
PASKO BURĐELEZ | 14. - 18. 3. /// 17 - 20h /// Wine Bar
Pasko Burđelez (1969, Dubrovnik) works as a multimedia self-taught artist, formed in the surroundings of the Art Workshop Lazareti. He has organized a number of solo exhibitions, actions and performances and participated in a number of group exhibitions and other art events. In his current work, he deals with the symbolic presentation of a society that is not based on nationalist, gender, racial or other triumphalism, but on the experience of a deprived individual, and is part of his recent reflextion about the work and the city.
IVONA VLAŠIĆ | 14. - 18. 3. /// 17 - 20h /// ex-apartment “Pilar”, Svetoga Đurđa 14
"In my work I try to deal with time, observing changes caused by the passage of time. I try, in a way, to reconcile the memory of some "remembered" time and "new" time. I want to show the inner and outer world and put these two things opposite to get a new situation (unrealistic in perspective but real if we oppose the "inside-outside" inner world of an individual — the inhabitants of a city) and major changes: demolition, erasure of daily destruction of cities at sea, denying their existence and bringing a new purely touristic purpose."
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