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Zen Garden

"By watching plants every day, we learn how to live in balance, patiently grow every day and regenerate..."


My life passion are plants and everything related to them. I am a biologist by profession, and whether I spend time in my apartment, office or on weekends in nature, I constantly strive to be surrounded by greenery. I am interested in everything related to plants, and even nerdy details related to their functioning as well as their aesthetics.

I put a special focus on the role of plants in urban areas and I believe that even the smallest apartment can be enriched with a few plants. There is an ideal plant for everyone that will suit their space, position and life habits, and I enjoy helping people choose the ideal green gift for themselves and teach them how to nurture it afterwards. By watching plants every day, we learn how to live in balance, patiently grow every day and regenerate even when in small pieces.

I decided to put all my love for nature into a small plant shop called Zen Garden where you can find houseplants and garden plants, decorative pots, macrame plant holders, terrariums and many other things.

I especially enjoy making plant terrariums that are small ecosystems in glass with plants that usually like more humidity so the life in the terrarium suits them perfectly. These are products that are handmade, and each terrarium is special and unique. They require minimal care and are great for people who don’t have much time to take care of plants.


Terrariums are suitable for homes, offices and business premises, and customers take them with special care as a gift to their loved ones.


Meet Ana on 21st of May:



More information coming up soon!

We accept expressions of interest at: 

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